Remove HTML links

<p><a href="#bottom">Jump to the bottom of the page</a></p>
				<p>Lorem ipsum</p>
				<p>dolor sit amet.</p>
				<p><a href="contact" target="_blank">Contact us</a> to find out more!</p>
				<p><a href="#">Back to the top of the page.</a> <a name="bottom"></a></p>
<p>Jump to the bottom of the page</p>
				<p>Lorem ipsum</p>
				<p>dolor sit amet.</p>
				<p>Contact us to find out more!</p>
				<p>Back to the top of the page. </p>

This option strips every anchor tag from the HTML code. Not the content inside the tags, it just removes all the links from the source. For example if you had an image linking to an other page, this option will remove the link, not the image itself.

You can do the same thing using the WYSIWYG editor of the HTML Cleaner. Just select the text where you want to remove the links, click the Insert/edit link, then leaving all fields empty click Ok.

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