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Online Case Converter

Automate case conversion with a single click! Paste your text in the input field and pick the desired transformation.

The plain text editor has a word and character counter to keep thrack of the length of your documents. The undo button helps to bring back the file to the previous state and the highlight button selects the content for an easy copy-paste. This free online tool works great with the HTML Cleaner.

Case Conversion Options

This online Case Converter Tool helps you easily adjust capitalisation in your documents. Convert your text to upper or lowercase with just a few clicks. Make sure that all sentences begin with capital letters in your documents or start every word with capital letters in titles and names. Set up alternating or random lower and upper cases in your text. The PascalCase option generates concatenating capitalized words. The hyphen-case and snake_case is suitable for generating file names.

The undo button reverts the document to the state before the case conversion has been executed.

The built in word and character counter helps you keep track of your text.