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Offline version? by Scott, 2014-10-02
Your site has really helped me learn about tables and clean up a Microsoft Word document that I'd written...
what got me totally confused was all the cruft - your site was just what I was looking for!
Is there any chance you can help me run your site offline? I travel a lot with my laptop, so I'm often without an internet connection, so might need to tweak another Word document soon.
Let me know if there's a "light" version or if there's an offline manifest app that you've got working so I can continue even when a connection is unavailable. All the best, thanks again!
Re: Offline version? by Frici, 2014-10-03
Dear Scott. The website needs internet connection only when you load the page. After that you can disconnect because the cleaning is executed on the client side.
BEAST! by Josh, 2014-10-11
Hi Just wanted to let you all know that your html cleaner is BEAST!!!! Saves me so much time.
Not bad! by Fabrice, 2014-10-13
Thank you VERY MUCH for this app *.*
Thank You! by Sean Short, 2014-11-07

This is the most brilliant thing we have found in years. Thank you for making this tool available to us. Our team of developers and designers build and revise online courses. Courses we inherit often have no CSS and absolutely ugly HTML littering the pages. To save us time in the long run we actually go through the entire course converting every page to reference a css and clean up all the html.
You have literally saved us hours just cleaning up one lesson of content. The time you will save us in a year will likely allow us to accomplish 10-20% more in revision project closures, and accomplish them up to 50% quicker. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Local Copy by Chris, 2014-10-25

Hi there,
I was wondering if you could make available a version that i can put on my local webserver? I am looking to create an application that works with your tool that will allow me to automate cleaning 100s of pages by using automated tasks.
This is a pretty awesome tool my friend. Great job.
Thanks in advance

Big html by Serg, 2014-11-28

Hello, I like Html-Cleaner
But with big html (2 pages in word, half of it is table), I copy it from word. I get error: Input is long. Html has 587 lines. Is it a bug or limitation of your service?

Re: Big html by Frici, 2014-11-28

Yes, there's a limitation to avoid freezing the web browser. The program doesn't allow you to clean the source if it contains more than 75.000 characters. In this case a blue window appears with the warning "Input too long". You can follow in real time the number of characters at the bottom of the source editor.
2 pages of Word can be very long in HTML format depending on the content because Word adds a lot of extra inline styles and unnecessary code.
Try to clean it in two steps or send me the doc so I can have a look at it.

´ replacement by Mayo, 2014-12-01

\"Akademie múzických umění v Praze\"
\"Akademie múzických umění v Praze\"

where can I switch off a \"´\" replacement?

default cleaning preferences by justaquestion, 2014-12-07

I use this tool very often and there's just one thing I'd like to suggest. Every time the program starts it checks some cleaning options by default and I always have to set them up the way I like it. I'd like to be able to save my options or set the program to remember my settings.

Re: default cleaning preferences by Frici, 2014-12-08

That's a good idea. The next major upgrade will use a cookie to remember your settings.

Remove all tag attributes by Rulianto, 2015-01-04

The <Remove tag attributes> option should not remove the src attribute of the images and the href attribute of the links. I think this would be essential because there's a separate option to remove images and links.

cASE converter by Jayesh, 2015-01-12

An automatic case converter would be very handy with the following options: Sentence case. | lower case | UPPER CASE | Capitalized Case
I always have to go to a to a different website to make these.

Re: cASE converter by Frici, 2015-01-28

That was a great idea. I added it to a separate page: I hope you'll like it.

add Bootstrap css by Charu, 2015-01-21

I wish I could use the Twitter bootstrap css in the editor.

Website upgraded by Frici, 2015-01-30

I'm glad to announce that the cleaner has been upgraded, implementing all suggestions coming from you! Go ahead and give it a try.

HTML cleaner strips out beginning fwd slash in img src by Katy, 2015-02-05

Hello! I just discovered HTML cleaner and I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did! It is saving me some serious time on a very big project.
I have noticed when I run the cleaner that my img src tags formatted like this: src="/images/foo.jpg" -- get reformatted to this: src="images/foo.jpg" -- without the leading forward slash. I'm not sure if I have something set incorrectly or if it's a bug. For now I am having to manually add them back in.
Thank you!

Re: HTML cleaner strips out beginning fwd slash in img src by Frici, 2014-02-05

Thank you Katy for your remark. I have fixed the problem. Keep cleaning :)

2 questions by Mike, 2014-02-06
Hi, I'm a technical writer that has recently been tasked with converting word docs to HTML pages. I'm relatively new to the HTML part of this process. Two questions I have would be:
1. I\'d like to retain my styles almost 100% from my word doc. The only things I\'d like to remove are extra spaces between sections. Other than the Remove Successive Space option, are there any other options you would recommend prior to clicking the clean HTML option?
2. Is there any easy suggestion for aligning/indenting bulleted lists as well as aligning text where the text following the bullet is lengthy and the words wrap cleanly?
Great product, I\'ve learned quite a bit in a matter of days already and your UI is very intuitive.
Thanks, Mike
Activate UTF-8 by andrew, 2015-02-10
Love your tool! Little question: How i can activate UTF-8 for the "umlauts". 
I want those letters like "ä", "ö" clean in the html Code and not as: &auml; &Ouml;...
thanks a lot!
Re: Activate UTF-8 by Frici, 2015-02-16
You are the second person requesting this feature so I have added it to the cleaning options. Look for the Encode special characters setting.
2in1 by Brydon , 2015-02-13
Thanks so much for this tool! On behalf of my own personal website, and the company I work for, you are saving us both plenty of time and money.
The only thing I would love as an update would be the UI and formatting. I currently use your tool and dirtymarkup which work amazing together. But two in one? That would be insane!
Another issue I find is that sometimes if the tables are over 3 points to the right it forgets to add closing tags and it gets a bit jumbled which has caused me to go over it whenever I clean.
Thanks a lot!
Much gratitude for a very helpful tool! by J Kim , 2015-02-27
Hi: I am a freelance writer working on Mac and this has made my Wordpress work so much easier. This is the best cleaning tool on the web, as I tried others. My editor hated the tags that would always come with my articles, but it has been smooth sailing since I found this site. Thank you!
Adding _blank to links by Francesco, 2015-03-10

Your program is amazing and almost solves my problem. The "almost" is because I need to paste Word text to Blackboard, with a _blank tag added to all links. Unfortunately, Word for Mac does not allow to change the default target of links.
Could it be an additional function to your website? Thank you I'm any case

Re: Adding _blank to links by Frici, 2015-03-13

You can use a little trick with the find and replace tool like this:
Find: <a
Replace with: <a target='_blank'

I love this site by Pamela , 2015-03-24

I love this site, I started using it about a month ago. I work for a college and ADA compliancy is very important. I would donate/pay to help keep it. I would be glad to contact more of my colleagues and associates.

Also... have to say BEST site of this kind!

A time saver by Pam D , 2015-03-24

This is a great resource for instructional designers working to have an easy remote tool to ensure ADA Compliancy. I cannot tell you how much of a time saver HTML-Cleaner is!!

Sean by Sean , 2015-03-27

So glad I found this site. It works really well for removing those pesky mso tags

Thank you by Rose, 2015-04-01

Thank you so much for this cleaner. Were it not for this, I would have wasted a lot more time trying to get the same results. I can't find anything near like this! It's so useful! Makes my life 100x easier, because I can get blog posts up a lot faster. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Scripted pages by Maadishad , 2015-04-02

Thank You sooo much for this :).. it helped me a lot.. but I see some pages are auto scripted like "document edited by html-cleaner" may I know whether it's working randomly or like per every 10 times usage so that I can estimate how many pages are affected

Re: Scripted pages by Frici, 2015-04-02

Every fifth document is scripted if it's large enough, short documents are not affected. But you can leave those links to support our project :)

HTML issues by letrehl , 2015-04-20

When I place the word doc paste and copy into the doc screen then copy the html then place in web, it looks good there but when I send the doc to email test its appearing with question marks all over the place and even outside of its use causing the doc to look incompetent. here is a copy of emailed version after html input from site?
… [Content hidden by admin]

Re: HTML issues by Frici, 2015-04-21

It's hard to tell from this but you can check the character set of your email provider or try if the Encode special characters cleaning option makes any difference.

Jeff by CSS Code , 2015-04-24

Hello html-cleaner,
First off, let me thank you for this awesome website. Very cool! Is there a buttom to see the CSS code to go with the clean html code? I can find that option. Thanks

Re: CSS Code by Frici, 2015-04-26

The visual editor is using this css, if this is your question:

inquiry by Carolta , 2015-04-28

Hello, I want to inquire about the word cleaner converter. I have a csv files and need to convert it to a html code so that I can insert it to my product description. Does this software also support this?
Second, Is there any possible to see the output? I do sample but I didn\'t see any output because it appear all blank.

Re: inquiry by Frici, 2015-05-02

The csv is a simple text file with comma separated cells. It's not clear what you mean.
Try to open it with Excel and copy the whole content in the visual editor of the site and see the result.
Or send me your file so I can see what's this about.

HTML cleaner by Ian , 2015-05-04

Hi, When I load a word doc that has text bold and colored in RED the bold is there but the color is removed.
Is there a way the color of a word in MS word doc can be transfered to HTML as well?

Re: HTML cleaner by Ian, 2015-05-06

Its ok I got it wiorking. Save Word Doc to HTML via word 'save as'. Copy HTML into html end of clean html.
carry on. cheers

HTML to inline CSS converter by Vic , 2015-05-11

Is there a tool, app, converter, or chrome extension, etc. that would change the HTML formatting code to inline CSS code either for the whole page or for one string?
Otherwise I have to do it manually
now I have <div><b><font color="#660000" size="4">My old HTML formated text</font></b></div>
I need to get the code <div style="color:#660000;font-size:large;font-weight:bold;">An inline CSS formatted text</div>

pls ignore the text change:
My old HTML formated text -- to --- An inline CSS formatted text
the thex should stay the same: My old HTML formated text

Re: HTML to inline CSS converter by Frici, 2015-05-12
I don't know about such tool. Try to use the 'Find and replace' tool instead.
FIND: <div><b><font color=\"#660000\" size=\"4\">
REPLACE: <div style=\"color:#660000;font-size:large;font-weight:bold;\">
FIND: </font></b></div>
REPLACE: </div>
Nice by Michael , 2015-20-05
Nice website, thanks! Helped me a lot!!!
Api? by Axel, 2015-05-26
Hi, thanks for this amazing site! It has helped me a lot with tedious tasks when loading content into web projects. I have to ask. Does this project has an api that I can use to integrate into a PHP or Django backend?
Re: Api? by Frici, 2015-06-02
Unfortunately there's no api. Even this website is operating in the red.
Table css by Edward , 2015-06-17
Converted all table tags to div but where do I find the CSS associated with the tables, which have been applied to the div?
Re: Table css by Frici, 2015-06-18
You can find a sample css on this page which you can customize according to your needs:
Line breaks only by Tendak , 2015-07-01

Hello! Could you tell me how to convert Word into HTML with only <b> <br /> </b>, no more any character?

We don't want see <p></b></strong>.If you know, please write back to us. Many Thanks, Tendak

Re: Line breaks only by Frici, 2015-07-02
That's very easy :)
Paste your Word doc in the visual editor, activate the 'Remove all tags' cleaning option, and clean it. Then copy the cleaned source and paste it in the visual editor. You will get the source code just like you want.
Great tool by Christy , 2015-07-10
I'm doing a website for an organization I belong to. I'm doing it for free. They supplied all the files to me in a Word doc and their website is a DotNetNuke CMS run site. It wouldn't let me copy and paste a Word doc into and keep the formatting. I was dreading having to do all of the coding by hand and I wasn't going to clean Word's horrible HTML coding. Your program has cut hours off of my work. Thank you.
Div table colspan and rowspan by Daniel Moussa , 2015-07-20
Nice post. I am wondering in your example on how to convert a <table> into <div> how do you emulate Table's colspan and rowspan?
Re: Div table colspan and rowspan by Frici, 2015-07-21
You can't set colspan and rowspan if you're using display: table-cell for a div.
Use a custom css instead, using my last css example as a starting point and set individual widths/heights for certain cells. It can be done but needs a little styling.
Need mega-sized cleaner by George S , 2015-07-25
My dated, pathetic, but massive HTML pages need cleaning. they are up to 6000 lines of code, which exceeds the online version. Can you help? If we need to purchase something reasonable (we are a nonprofit) that's fine. Thanks!
Re: Need mega-sized cleaner by Frici, 2015-07-27
I added the word limitation to the software to make sure your browser doesn't freeze while you're cleaning. Please try to clean the document bit by bit.
Cleaning files by Todd , 2015-07-28
Hello! I have a spreadsheet with a few thousand product descriptions. Is there a way to clean all of these records without having to copy and paste the data into the HTML-Cleaner. A process to clean bulk records.
Re: Cleaning files by Frici, 2015-07-30
I'm afraid there's no such feature at the moment.
Images removed with nbsp by Chris , 2015-08-01
Hi, I ran into a bit of an odd problem, it has an easy fix but still i tought it would be good to tell you about it. I was cleaning some content for a website and it had a couple of instances of a <p> tag with a single nbsp and an image inside it. now I did not notice at first but because I had remove <p> with single nbsp in it turned on my images tags got deleted as well. That was pretty annoying…
Re: Images removed with nbsp by Frici, 2015-08-02
Thank you for letting me know. I fixed the bug.
long html doc by Patrick , 2015-09-04
I love your tool! It works great, but only handles a few lines of code. I have a huge volume of markup to strip. Around 9000 items I want identified. Any suggestions for handling large docs? Thanks
Re: long html doc by Frici, 2015-09-05
Try the HTML G online HTML Editor, that's not limited but your browser will freeze if you add too many lines.
converting word docs to html for mac by Rhonda Morrison , 2015-09-10
I have been dealing with this program for a while and can't bring up new doc files (already written) off my desktop to convert to html docs-how do I do it?
Re: converting word docs to html for mac by Frici, 2015-09-14
Please open the file, and copy the content into the visual editor of HTML Cleaner.
Fantastic by Diamond Dog , 2015-09-15
This is a fantastic little web app and it's sure to save me a lot of time converting word docs and google docs to Joomla articles.
Suggestion - keep VB scripts by Gordon , 2015-09-16

I'd like to suggest that you add an option to keep scripts intact in the table to div conversion. I'm seeing the "<" changed to "&lt;" (less-than) even with that option off. 

This is a section of code that includes VBScript for an ASP page in it.  When it converts, it changes the VBscript calls, such as "<%=strCaller%>" to improper codes.  This particular snippet of the page creates a series of form buttons for my home automation system.  I was hoping to reformat this and other pages to divs with your tool. 

Re: Suggestion - keep VB scripts by Frici, 2015-09-18
That's a good suggestion. I will include this in the next upgrade.

In the meantime I suggest to replace every <% and %> with "vbopening" and "vbclosing" strings and when you finished the cleaning to revert to the <% and %>.

Batch cleaning? by Lizardhr , 2015-10-01
Hi, very good tool! Is there a way to use it in batch? I need to clean HTML of about 5000 html files, is it possible to do it in batch? Do you have some tool to use from command line? Best Regards.
Re: Batch cleaning? by Frici, 2015-10-01
This is a recurring request and I will find a way to implement it.
Table to div conversion question by Mike , 2015-10-24
I think this is exactly what I need, but I can't get my sample to work. If I can get this to work, I will gladly buy it. Thanks
<code removed by admin>
Re: Table to div conversion question by Frici, 2015-10-24
Mike, I tested the code you sent and it's working fine for me:
Please explain what is the problem exactly? Where are you stuck?
Re: Re: Table to div conversion question by Mike, 2015-10-25
Well duh! All I had to do was refresh my screen. Thanks
I will definitely buy this.
Width by Mike , 2015-10-26
Hi, I haven't quite figured out how to strip out these width="102". I'm doing it manually. Is there a way to do it automatically?
Correct on Yahoo but not on Google by Rocco D , 2015-10-30
I created a website with E-host. The site shows correct on Yahoo but not on Google.
Some how in Google picked up my website and conjoined it with someone else's. E-host says its not able to correct the mistake and that its a web engine's problem.
I would like to remove Googles mess through its HTML. Is that possible?
Re: Correct on Yahoo but not on Google by Frici, 2015-11-01
Rocco, you can't access the code Google displays in its search results. You have to make sure the code is clean on your website, and respects the Google's SEO guides and wait for it to index correctly.
Online editor lists by Patrick , 2015-11-04
When I paste text from a Word document that has any numbers, they are automatically converted to lists (ol). Is there a way to prevent this. I want the numbers to remain as they are originally. The lists do not look like the original. The thing is, I don't want a list. I want to keep the numbering and Roman numerals as they appear in the original. But anything after a number or roman numeral is automatically converted to a list after I paste in the text. I will attach the document. But it happens on all documents when text has a number before it. Thanks
Re: Online editor lists by Frici, 2015-11-05
I'm sure you're copying lists, even if they don't look like one. You can set the list type as demonstrated here.
HTMLg bug detected by Vladimir , 2015-11-06
I often use your Clean HTML web app, it's really cool. Thank for that, but now I see a small bug, in the HTMLG editor; When I toggle output side control ('Tree view' button) each block of my html (like <p> or <li> for example ), losing last character; Any time when I toggle this button; I hope this helps to make your app more useful.
Re: HTMLg bug detected by Frici, 2015-11-061
Thank you Vladimir for pointing this out. I have corrected the bug.
What are the pro features in the subscription? by Andy , 2015-11-19
I'm mostly curious whether "find and replace" settings can be saved for later use.
Also, can a wildcard character be used in the find and replace?
Re: What are the pro features in the subscription? by Frici, 2016-01-20
Thank you for the ideas. I'm looking forward to include these in the next upgrade.

Please read through the previously answered questions before you address your issue.